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Outdoor Lighting

The Outdoor Lighting we produce is a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into visible light, which converts electricity directly into light. It has aluminum alloy die-casting pieces, good strength and good heat dissipation. In addition, it has a corrosion-resistant and painted surface for outdoor use. This high efficiency and low power solar floodlight saves 70% of power compared to incandescent lamps.
It has no flicker, no UV rays, no infrared radiation. It is a waterproof light fixture. Its protection rating is IP65. It does not contain electromagnetic interference and radiation. It achieves a dedicated luminous intensity distribution design through an aluminum reflector. It can be used for subways, stadium lighting, garage lighting, gas stations, highway lighting, stations, dock lighting, etc.
You can wholesale the durable and quality Outdoor Lighting products from our company in China. Kingfine Electric insists in offering quality Outdoor Lighting at big discount. We are a professional factory. We can provide you free sample. If you want to wholesale or make a quotation about our product, please contact with us.